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020 _a9780939950287
041 _aEnglish
082 _a550.4
245 _aMineral-water interface geochemistry
260 _aWashington:
_bMineralogical Society of America,
300 _axvi, 603p.
490 _aReviews in mineralogy and geochemistry
_vVol. 23
504 _aTable of contents: Chapter 1. Mineral-Water Interface Geochemistry: An Overview Chapter 2. Atomic Treatment Of Mineral-Water Surface Reactions Chapter 3. Atomic Structure, Microtopography, Composition, And Reactivity Of Mineral Surfaces Chapter 4. Surface Energy And Adsorption At Mineral/Water Interfaces: An Introduction Chapter 5. Surface Complexation Modeling In Aqueous Geochemistry Chapter 6. Molecular Models Of Ion Adsorption On Mineral Surfaces Chapter 7. Co-Adsorption Of Metal Ions And Organic Ligands: Formation Of Ternary Surface Complexes Chapter 8. Spectroscopic Studies Of Chemisorption Reaction Mechanisms At Oxide-Water Interfaces Chapter 9. Mechanisms Of Growth And Dissolution Of Sparingly Soluble Salts Chapter 10. Leaching Of Mineral And Glass Surfaces During Dissolution Chapter 11. Oxidative And Reductive Dissolution Of Minerals Chapter 12. Heterogeneous Electrochemical Reactions Associated With Oxidation Of Ferrous Oxide And Silicate Surfaces Chapter 13. Spectroscopic Studies Of Adsorption/Reduction Reactions Of Aqueous Metal Complexes On Sulphide Surfaces Chapter 14. Photo-Redox Processes At The Mineral-Water Interface
520 _aVolume 23 of Reviews in Mineralogy and accompanying MSA short course covers chemical reactions that take place at mineral-water interfaces. We believe that this book describes most of the important concepts and contributions that have driven mineral-water interface geochemistry to its present state. We begin in Chapter 1 with examples of the global importance of mineral-water interface reactions and a brief review of the contents of the entire book. Thereafter, we have divided the book into four sections, including atomistic approaches (Chapters 2- 3), adsorption (Chapters 4-8), precipitation and dissolution (Chapters 9-11), and oxidation-reduction reactions (Chapters 11-14).
700 _aHochella, Michael F. (ed.)
700 _aWhite, Art F. (ed.)
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