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020 _a9780939950294
041 _aEnglish
082 _a550.4
245 _aModern methods of igneous petrology:
_bunderstanding magnetic processes
260 _aWashington:
_bMineralogical Society of America,
300 _aviii,314p.
490 _aReviews in mineralogy and geochemistry
_vVol. 24
504 _aTable of contents: Chapter 1. Principles Of Thermodynamic Modeling Of Igneous Processes Chapter 2. Thermodynamic Properties Of Silicate Liquids With Emphasis On Density, Thermal Expansion And Compressibility Chapter 3. Simulation Of Igneous Differentiation Processes Chapter 4. The Mathematics Of Fluid Flow And A Simple Application To Problems Of Magma Transport Chapter 5. Physical Processes In The Evolution Of Magmas Chapter 6. Magma Mixing Processes: Insights And Constraints From Thermodynamic Calculations Chapter 7. The Effect Of Oxygen Fugacity On The Redox State Of Natural Liquids And Their Crystallizing Phases Chapter 8. Dynamics Of Eruptive Phenomena Chapter 9. Melt Fraction Diagrams: The Link Between Chemical And Transport Models Chapter 10. Textural Constraints On The Kinetics Of Crystallization Of Igneous Rocks
520 _aVolume 24 of Reviews in Mineralogy attempted to bring together the basic data and fundamental theoretical constraints on magmatic processes with applications to specific problems in igneous petrology. The Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) sponsored the short course on "Modern Methods of Igneous Petrolgy: Understanding Magmatic Processes" at the Cathedral Hill Hotel in San Francisco, California in December 1990. It was organized by the editors, Jim Nicholls and Kelly Russell, and presented by the authors of this volume to about 80 participants in conjunction with the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union.
700 _aNicholls, J (ed.)
700 _aRussell, J. K. (ed.)
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