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020 _a9781946850089
041 _aEnglish
082 _a550.4
245 _aGeological melts
260 _aVirginia:
_bThe Mineralogical Society of America,
300 _axix, 1088p.
490 _aReviews in mineralogy and geochemistry
_vVol. 87
504 _aTable of Contents: 1 The Short-Range Order (SRO) and Structure 2 From Short to Medium Range Order in Glasses and Melts by Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy 3 Link between Medium and Long-range Order and Macroscopic Properties of Silicate Glasses and Melts 4 Topology and Rigidity of Silicate Melts and Glasses 5 Molecular Simulations of Oxide and Silicate Melts and Glasses 6 Mechanical Properties of Oxide Glasses 7 Diffusion in Melts and Magmas 8 Silicate Melt Thermochemistry and the Redox State of Magmas 9 Nucleation, Growth, and Crystallization in Oxide Glass-formers. A Current Perspective 10 Thermodynamics of Multi-component Gas–Melt Equilibrium in Magmas: Theory, Models, and Applications 11 High Pressure Melts 12 Volatile-bearing Partial Melts in the Lithospheric and Sub-Lithospheric Mantle on Earth and Other Rocky Planets 13 Decrypting Magma Mixing in Igneous Systems 14 Magma / Suspension Rheology 15 Strain Localization in Magmas 16 Magma Fragmentation 17 Hot Sintering of Melts, Glasses and Magmas 18 Models for Viscosity of Geological Melts 19 Non-terrestrial Melts, Magmas and Glasses 20 Frictional Melting in Magma and Lava 21 Non-Magmatic Glasses 22 Silicate Glasses and Their Impact on Humanity 23 Glass as a State of Matter—The “newer” Glass Families from Organic, Metallic, Ionic to Non-silicate Oxide and Non-oxide Glasses
520 _aVolume 87 of Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry covers fundamental aspects of the nature of silicate melts and the implications for the systems in which they participate, both technological and natural. The contents of this volume may perhaps best be summarized as structure – properties – dynamics. The volume contains syntheses of short and medium range order, structure-property relationships, and computation-based simulations of melt structure. It continues with analyses of the properties (mechanical, diffusive, thermochemical, redox, nucleation, rheological) of melts. The dynamic behavior of melts in magmatic and volcanic systems, is then treated in the context of their behavior in magma mixing, strain localization, frictional melting, magmatic fragmentation, and hot sintering. Finally, the non-magmatic, extraterrestrial and prehistoric roles of melt and glass are presented in their respective contexts
700 _aNeuville, D.R. (ed.)
700 _aHenderson, G.S. (ed.)
700 _aDingwell, D.B. (ed.)
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