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041 _aEnglish
082 _a550.4
245 _aFluid-fluid interactions
260 _aVirginia:
_bMineralogical Society of America,
300 _axii,430p.
490 _aReviews in mineralogy and geochemistry
_vVol. 65
504 _aTable of Contents: 1. Fluid-Fluid Interactions in the Earth's Lithosphere 2. Experimental Studies in Model Fluid Systems 3. Equations of State for Complex Fluids 4. Liquid Immiscibility in Silicate Melts and Related Systems 5. Phase Relations Involving Hydrous Silicate Melts, Aqueous Fluids, and Minerals 6. Numerical Simulation of Multiphase Fluid Flow in Hydrothermal Systems 7. Fluid Phase Separation Processes in Submarine Hydrothermal Systems 8. Fluids in Hydrocarbon Basins 9. Fluid-Fluid Interactions in Geothermal Systems 10. Fluid Immiscibility in Volcanic Environments 11. Fluid-Fluid Interactions in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Formation 12. Fluid Immiscibility in Metamorphic Rocks
520 _aVolume 65 of Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry attempts to fill this gap and to explicitly focus on the role that co-existing fluids play in the diverse geologic environments. It brings together the previously somewhat detached literature on fluid–fluid interactions in continental, volcanic, submarine and subduction zone environments. It emphasizes that fluid mixing and unmixing are widespread processes that may occur in all geologic environments of the entire crust and upper mantle. Despite different P-T conditions, the fundamental processes are analogous in the different settings.
700 _a Liebscher, Axel (ed.)
700 _a Heinrich., Christoph A. (ed.)
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