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High-temperature and high-pressure crystal chemistry

High-temperature and high-pressure crystal chemistry - Washington: Mineralogical Society of America, 2000. - viii, 596p. Pbk. - Reviews in mineralogy and geochemistry Vol. 41 .

PART I: Characterization and Interpretation Of Structural Variations With Temperature And Pressure
1. Principles of Comparative Crystal Chemistry
2. Equations of State
3. Analysis of Harmonic Displacement Factors
4. Animation of Crystal Structure Variations with Pressure, Temperature and Composition
Part II: Variation Of Structures With Temperature And Pressure
5. Systematics of High-Pressure Silicate Structures
6. Comparative Crystal Chemistry of Dense Oxide Minerals
7. Comparative Crystal Chemistry of Orthosilicate Minerals
8. Chain and Layer Silicates at High Temperatures and Pressures
9. Framework Structures
10. Structural Variations in Carbonates
11. Hydrous Phases and Hydrogen Bonding at High Pressure
12. Molecular Crystals
Part III: Experimental Techniques
13. High-Temperature Devices and Environmental Cells Designed for X-ray and Neutron Diffraction Experiments
14. High-Pressure Single-Crystal Techniques
15. High-Pressure and High-Temperature Powder Diffraction
16. High-Temperature-High- Pressure Diffractometry

Volume 41 of Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry introduces to the field of high-temperature and high-pressure crystal chemistry, both as a guide to the dramatically improved techniques and as a summary of the voluminous crystal chemical literature on minerals at high temperature and pressure. The three parts of the book introduces crystal chemical considerations of special relevance to non-ambient crystallographic studies, reviews the temperature- and pressure-variation of structures in major mineral groups and presents experimental techniques for high-temperature and high-pressure studies of single crystals and polycrystalline samples as well as special considerations relating to diffractometry on samples at non-ambient conditions.



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