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Plastic deformation of minerals and rocks

Plastic deformation of minerals and rocks - Washington: Mineralogical Society of America, 2022 - v, 420p. Pbk. - Reviews in mineralogy and geochemistry Vol. 51 1529-6466 .

Table of Contents:

1. New Developments in Deformation Studies: High-Strain Deformation
2. New Developments in Deformation Experiments at High Pressure
3. Deformation of Granitic Rocks: Experimental Studies and Natural Examples
4. Laboratory Constraints on the Rheology of the Upper Mantle
5. Partial Melting and Deformation
6. Dislocations and Slip Systems of Mantle Minerals
7. Instability of Deformation
8. Brittle Failure of Ice
9. Seismic Wave Attenuation: Energy Dissipation in Viscoelastic Crystalline Solids
10. Texture and Anisotropy
11. Modeling Deformation of Polycrystalline Rocks
12. Seismic Anisotropy and Global Geodynamics
13. Theoretical Analysis of Shear Localization in the Lithosphere

Volume 51 of Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry highlights some of the frontiers in the study of plastic deformation of minerals and rocks. This book reviews large-strain shear deformation and deformation experiments under ultrahigh pressures; the issues of deformation of crustal rocks and the upper mantle; the interplay of partial melting and deformation; the new results of ultrahigh pressure deformation of deep mantle minerals; the stability of deformation under deep mantle conditions with special reference to phase transformations and their relationship to the origin of intermediate depth and deep-focus earthquakes; a detailed description of fracture mechanisms of ice; of experimental and theoretical studies on seismic wave attenuation; the relationship between crystal preferred orientation and macroscopic anisotropy; recent progress in poly-crystal plasticity to model the development of anisotropic fabrics both at the microscopic and macroscopic scale; a thorough review of seismic anisotropy of the upper mantle covering the vast regions of geodynamic interests and the theoretical aspects of shear localization. All chapters contain extensive reference lists to guide readers to the more specialized literature. This volume was written for a workshop, in December 2002 in Emeryville, California.



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